cici reagan

The Messaging Alchemist

Blending science & art to craft magical copy & strategic visions that convert

Ready to unlock your brand’s voice?

Unclear messaging shows up in a multitude of ways:

Lack of engagement, low conversion rates, brand inconsistency, and audience confusion being the most predominant. 

I offer a unique blend of science and art to craft messaging that truly represents you and connects with your dream clients. 

I’m here to amplify your brand’s distinctive voice

At the heart of our collaboration is the promise to navigate the complex landscape of digital marketing together, ensuring that your message not only reaches but profoundly impacts your audience.



Clarifying your brand voice and messaging: Articulate your unique brand voice, ensuring your message resonates authentically with your dream clients (and repels nightmare buyers)


Crafting Strategic Visions That Convert: By blending science and art, we’ll develop strategic offers and marketing plans that not only align with your brand identity but also drive sales


Amplifying Distinctive Brand Presence: Stand out in your industry, owning your differences and amplifying your distinctive voice to attract and retain your dream customers


Grow or scale your business: Create optimised funnels, automate email campaigns to drive passive sales, or Evergreen your business and get off the live-launch rollercoaster

DIY: Master Your Messaging

Dive into DIY resources, including everyone’s favourite freebie- Impact: The top 5 questions to ask clients for more impactful testimonials and create sales pages and email campaigns with my masterclasses.

These self-guided tools are designed for growing brands eager to refine their messaging and turn new audiences into raving fans. Perfect for those ready to take their first step towards messaging mastery on their own terms.


DWY: The Message Accelerator

Join the Message Accelerator, my flagship 6 month program, offering comprehensive training in crafting effective messaging strategies and marketing campaigns.

This done-with-you incubator includes intensive group masterminding sessions to deep dive into your messaging and strategy needs, delivering a custom action plan plus copy that resonates with your brand and audience.


DFY: Bespoke Copywriting & Strategy Partnership

Elevate your brand with premium, bespoke services, from recurring content creation that keeps your brand voice consistent and engaging across all platforms, to project-based work designed to launch your next big idea, to the Message Amplifier, a totally personalised, 90-day intensive program tailored to skyrocket your brand.

Our done-for-you services are designed for those ready to invest in significant, personalised transformation, working closely with a dedicated expert to craft your unique brand story and strategy​​.

About CiCi Reagan

As the Messaging Alchemist, I blend the mystical with the methodical to turn your grandest ideas into reality.

My journey into the world of copywriting and brand strategy wasn’t traditional; it was carved by a deep passion for storytelling and an innate ability to understand the heart of a brand.

I’ve dedicated years to refining this craft, studying the nuances of language, marketing psychology, and brand identity. Along the way, I’ve helped countless brands find their voice, clarify their message, and connect with their dream clients in meaningful ways.

What sets me apart is not just my skill set but my approach: intuitive, creative, and always aligned with the unique energy of each client I work with.

My mission is simple yet profound – to help you unlock the full potential of your brand’s voice, ensuring it’s not just heard but felt. In this noisy digital world, my goal is to help your message stand out, not by being louder, but by being truer to who you are.


CiCi met me where I was and walked alongside me showing me the guideposts. Every time we would meet, I would dump out the junk drawer of ideas in my mind and within minutes she had skillfully sorted, organized, and optimized what I said.  Spending time with her is always such a delight that leaves my heart smiling and my mind thinking deeply long after the call is over.  Another unexpected yet fantastic result of our time together – I’m an even better writer.

Beth Gemmell

I’ve been working with CiCi for some time now. It seems like she’s forever been with me because she’s such an integral part of my business. CiCi helps me with my messaging, posts, emails, launches and so much more. Plus she works so intuitively and totally understands what I’m talking about! My business has grown so much since we’ve been working together and I’m sincerely grateful for her support. Plus she’s so talented, conscientious and friendly in her approach. I just love her and so does Granny Drusilla!

Rachael Rawnsley

I’ve worked with CiCi for 9 months now

I had not long since taken a massive step and pivot within my business and I was struggling to reconnect with my audience.

I had seen CiCi work her magic having worked with her briefly before this year. She became a vision on my board that I brought into my life and I’m so glad I made that choice.

She knows what you want to say even when you don’t have the words to say it. My business has grown by 500% this year alone just by having CiCi master my messaging.

She’s magickal. She’s a joy to work with. She’ll blow you away with the breathtaking things she comes up with.

Hattie Rose Blake