Clarify your messaging, own your expertise, and cultivate alignment to amplify your success 

The Message Accelerator

The done-with-you roadmap to success | A 6-month container

The Accelerator is for you if:

🔥 You’re ready to take action and be visible as who you are and how you serve your dream clients

💰 You have an existing offer (or a new one in mind) and you’re ready to kick things up a notch and expand your audience into raving fans

🥰 You want accountability and support as well as the freedom to choose your own business adventure (you’ll find no standard, one-size-fits-all advice here)

Amplify your reach and turn new audiences into raving fans (by being who you are)

Laura Anne Renwick, Holistic Artist & Creative Soul Guide

Testimonial from Rachel Luke, Digital Marketing Wizard

Testimonial from Rich Morley, Gold Medal Winning Tai Chi Champion & International Level Instructor

Testimonial from Laura Mitchell, Tantrica Sound Medicine Woman and Soul Healer

What we’ll cover

Begin at the beginning. We’ll explore the disconnect(s) between your messaging, your dream clients, and yourself.

After working through this simple process, you’ll have clarity, and we’ll build the foundations of your messaging in a fully aligned way.

Put it into practice. We’ll then build out the messaging for your offer, from big promise to sales page and everything in between. Your dream clients will know your offer is for them and you’ll know exactly how to sell it in a way that feels exciting and helpful, not sleazy or desperate or disorganised.

Spread the word far and wide. You’ll learn how to create entire marketing campaigns with ease and launch in a way that doesn’t make you want to launch yourself into space afterwards! Together, we’ll create content you can recycle again and again, making future marketing a breeze!

How it works

Done with you

Work through the modules at your own pace. You’ll have access to a group of other participants to crowdsource ideas, as well as monthly calls. Find clarity in your messaging, put together an evergreen marketing campaign, and promote your offer with ease and excitement

Actual, practical help

Been told by a coach or mentor that ”your messaging is off” but you’re actually not sure what that means, let alone how to fix it? We’ll prevent that from happening by following guidelines rather than templates so you can reproduce what you learn here over and over

Keep it simple

All content is sperated into modules so you can work at your own pace. New content is added over time, and you have lifetime access! There’s a private group to ask questions in between and a dashboard to access all recordings if you miss a live call.

The Message Accellerator will give you clarity, alignment, and an evergreen launch and marketing campaign that converts.

The Outline

Module 1: Clarity

If you don’t know where you are, how the hell do you know where you’re going?

Module 2: Vision

Easily break down your goals in a way that makes sense for you- and have some fun along the way

Module 3: Dream

If you aren’t speaking your dream clients’ language, they’ll scroll on by

Module 4: Promise

Refine the Big Promise for your offer and begin to frame out the benefits, features, and core messaging

Module 5: Build

Craft a compelling sales page which
serves as the foundation for your
marketing plan

Module 6: Expand

No need to reinvent the wheel- learn how to easily and simply create an aligned, evergreen marketing plan

The extras

All modules include video(s), PDFs and worbooks to keep you on track and make implementation a breeze (even for the spiciest brains).

Plus, you also get a bank of ever-updating Bonus Resources, such as:

  • The simplest Content Planner you’ve ever seen
  • Sales Page & Email Marketing masterclasses
  • Lead Magnet deep-dive
  • A launch vehicle and offer checklist
  • Support with tech and logistics, such as scheduling software

Each month you also get the opportunity to join Hot Seat Masterminding and you have 24/7 access to community support!

About CiCi

CiCi is a published author and copywriter who’s found her calling in message strategy and alignment for all types of businesses, from entrepreneurs to billion-dollar corporations.

She’s also an international advocate for addiction and domestic abuse survivor who’s been featured in Newsweek and Metro as well as several award-winning podcasts.

CiCi uses her vast life experience, cultivated writing talent, and innate intuition for people to channel her clients’ words into mind-blowing marketing copy.

She also teaches and coaches those who want to learn the mechanics of messaging in a simple, straightforward way. Her goal is to help others find clarity in their message so they can do what they love and find the fun and freedom in business!

This done-with-you program is the best of both worlds, leaving you with not only complete clarity, but an evergreen offer and full marketing campaign you can use again and again.

Join now & get lifetime access to full course content (including updates)

This means that not only do you get instant access to all the course resources and monthly calls, you also retain access to all updates made into the future. It’s designed to grow with you.

Frequently asked questions

All trainings are recorded and uploaded to the dashboard. Any Q&A or Masterminding sessions will be run on Zoom for members to join live. The link to the recording will be available in the private group.

The community is held in a private Facebook group.

I understand that product-based business owners have unique needs: you’re promoting your products but still need to build authortiy, you have individual descriptions AND marketing copy to write! We don’t do one-size-fits-all templates and blueprints here- just fundamentals that help all types of businesses to thrive.

You have lifetime access to the content, but you get a dedicated 6 months of support in the group, including all 6 Hot Seat Masterminding calls. This is to ensure that you implement what you learn so you can go forth, help more people, and make more money?