Find freedom in business

Gain clarity, save time, serve more.

Imagine removing the pressure of creating content for your website, social media channels, email list and more. How much more time would you have for your clients– and yourself?

This sound familiar?

Your messaging isn’t hitting for some reason. Creating content feels like hard work.

Or maybe you’re spread a little thin and want to delegate so you have more time for that little thing called life.

You’ve had ”revise website copy” or ”start email marketing” on your mental to do list for 9 million years and let’s face it- you just don’t have time.

You’re not alone- and you’re in the right place.

Here’s the truth

All of your written content needs to do at least one of three things: create a positive emotional connection with your audience, establish your authority in your industry, or simply convert and make sales.

But this is easier said than done.

Whether you’re overwhelmed with ideas and need clarity and direction or have no idea what to write, how to launch- or even what to launch- working 1:1 could be the perfect fit for you.


Testimonial from Rachel Luke, Digital Marketing Wizard

Testimonial from Laura Mitchell, Tantrica Sound Medicine Woman and Soul Healer

Testimonial from Rachael Rawnsley, Psychic Business Mentor

Think of this as your virtual menu

(and we don’t do diets here)

Email Marketing

Warm up your existing list or build a new one to make passive sales. Lead magnet creation and sequence building available

Strategy & Launch Management

Expert support and advice to help you plan your marketing and launch strategies- no more scrambling to create content and make sales

Website Copy

Individual sales or about pages to full website copy that sounds like you, speaks to your ideal client, and converts

Social Media Content

Content creation and repurposing available for all platforms- remove the headache and find your flow

Working together is simple

Book in for your discovery call so we can deep-dive into all your ideas (or even generate some) and get to know each other better

On the call, we’ll discuss your specific business, your voice, your ideas, and get clear on exactly what you need to maximise your business’ potential

You’ll receive a bespoke project proposal to review after our call, outlining the discussed work and investment amount

Once you say yes, the rest falls into place…

Have a little party because you’ve just taken a load off your plate- and your mind. Then send over any details we need to get started

Rest assured that things are ticking along while we cover everything from copywriting to graphic design and scheduling

Watch things pay off. By planning ahead, strategising, and creating clear and consistent content, you’ve invested in your future 

About CiCi

CiCi has been in love with writing since she learned how.

She’s studied everything from poetry to creative writing to calligraphy to copywriting over the past couple of decades, and is a published author who’s been featured in multiple large publications.

Add to that her 5 years of experience building, running, and growing small businesses and learning from the best business mentors and coaches out there, and you’ve got a genius copywriter.

CiCi is genuinely passionate about writing, and about helping business owners to want to help others to better serve their clients.

She believes in creating positive ripples in the world- we may never see where they go, but we can be sure they spread goodness.

In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her dog, Harley, watching Star Trek for the billionth time, and sponsoring other addicts in recovery.

What if I already have a team?

Whether you have a VA, a website guy, or a full-scale marketing department, adding a copwriter will not only increase team efficiency but is also better value for money.

What if I’m just starting to grow?

Investing in proper strategy will only help you build a solid business foundation. From just copy to graphics and scheduling, we got you.

Book a discovery call with CiCi

Have a chat about you can find clarity in your messaging, serve more people, and find the freedom in business ownership.

(Initial investment for bespoke services begins at £750.)