Make your vibe extraordinary

The Copywriting Pocket Guide to Stellar Content

As God is my witness, your audience will never go hungry for content again!

Do you feel that something is off with your messaging, or are you looking to tweak it and make improvements?

Are you unsure what to post on social media to talk about what you do and sell your offers?

Are you sick of using the same terminology as everyone else?

This guide will give your copy that star quality: helping you hone your messaging to speak directly to your ideal client, reach more people, and make more sales.


Nobody puts baby in the corner.

It includes:

How to build an emotional/ spiritual connection with your audience, without using terms that turn off your ideal client.

How to refine your messaging and show your expertise in real, specific terms- and avoiding common buzzwords.

Adjectives that aren’t over-used so your excitement about your clients, offers, and accomplishments comes across effectively.