The Message Mastery

Nail the most paramount part of your business

Your messaging is the reason you’re not selling to your dream clients at your perfect price.

But you don’t need to watch helplessly as they purchase from your competitor.

(Even if you don’t have £2,000 to pay me to fix it for you!)

The solution, born from your number one problem, is here.

The Message Mastery

This membership is for you if: 

🔥 You’re ready to nail your messaging and work with your dream clients

💰 You’re tired of paying out for memberships and having no time or direction to implement- you want actionable, specific advice

🥰 You’re ready to go your own way, change things up, stand out and be seen as who you really are

What’s the actual cost of a mis-aligned message?

💸 Money.

How many of your dream clients are passing you by because they don’t know you’re speaking to them? Is a lack of strategy keeping down your sales, or even damaging your authority?

🔥 Confidence.

Lack of clarity in your message leads to a lack of confidence your audience can feel, materialising as ruts in engagement, inconsistency, and a lack of opportunities (like Guest Expert Sessions, Podcasts & PR, etc).

⏳️ Time.

Do you keep making new offers, spending hours on website content and social posts, and using all sorts of different resources and advice but you still feel like you’re throwing spaghetti at a wall?
Wouldn’t that time be better used serving clients?

🤯 The total cost. 

Anything from spending a few thousand £££ on a total rebrand in the future to closing the doors on your business altogether.


I think that price is too steep. Do you?

This isn’t another ball to juggle.

Get support with what matters most: your message. While there is always room for improvement, getting this nailed is the difference between having an engaged, ready-to-buy audience and a confused don’t-know-what-you-sell following.

Access the private group as often or as little as you like to ask questions, share drafts of posts you’re working on, and give feedback and support to others. 

Get 2 calls a month: one Masterclass in the beginning of the month, and one Mastermind session at the end where we can all hop in and help each other problem-solve and implement.

It was built to help take things off your plate, not add to it.

CiCi has been working with me for a couple of months now and my business has grown so much in that time. I’m so very organised these days and can spend far more time working ‘in’ my businesses and not just ‘on’ them!

CiCi is extremely organised and knows exactly what my businesses need and when. Originally the contract was for copywriting but CiCi has gone far beyond that remit!

CiCi has transformed my email system, my whole social media network and now will be working on my websites! I’m so pleased CiCi came along when I needed someone! It’s almost as though CiCi is psychic!

Rachael Rawnsley

Psychic Business Mentor

Refining your message is a constantly moving target as your clients, offers, and business grow.

Most people can’t do it themselves- we’re too close to our businesses!

Get help and advice with:

Email Marketing

Warm up your existing list or build a new one to make passive sales

Strategy & Launch Management

Expert support and advice to help you plan your marketing and launch strategies to fit around you

Website Copy

Get feedback, tips, and advice on web copy from sales pages to About sections

Social Media Content

Create content that speaks to your dream clients and doesn’t overhwhelm you- remove the headache and find your flow

and so much more

what’s included?

Align Your Message in 3 Steps

How to quickly and easily make a marketing plan

Launch Vehicle and Offer Checklist

The Lazy Persons Guide to Content Planning with Rachel Luke

Lead Magnet Deep Dive

Lead Magnet Training

LinkedIn Masterclass

The Messaging Secret Formula

Pre-Launch Content Planner

SocialBee Content Planning Intensive

About CiCi

CiCi is a born writer who began her entrepreneurial journey in 2018 by establishing her own Financial Services business after moving from North Carolina to the UK. 

Since then, she’s gone on to run a community for fellow survivors of addiction, abuse, and trauma to heal through writing. 

She’s also a published author and has been featured in international publications like Newsweek and Medium. 

Her diary is usually full for 1:1 clients, but she loves helping people at all stages of their journey- and this membership allows her to do just that!

The overwhelm-free, always-there solution

Beginning of the month

Feedback thread: post copy, links to pages, conundrums, etc to get feedback from the group- and directly from CiCi

Masterclass: CiCi(or a Guest expert) delivers a masterclass on a relevant topic, such as how to refine your message, create a marketing plan, etc.

Throughout the month

Post in the group whenever you like to crowdsource feedback and solutions, or just to chat.
Respond to prompts CiCi posts in the group to help you make tiny, in-the-moment tweaks or get you thinking more big-picture.

End of the month

Hot Seat Masterminding: get clarity with implementing what you learned in the masterclass and anything else that’s on your mind from the group (and CiCi).

Minimum commitment of 3 months | Membership automatically renews monthly

Frequently asked questions

All masterclasses will be run on Zoom for members to join live. They will be followed by a Q&A and recorded. The link to the recording will be available in the private group.

Masterminding will be held on Zoom for all members to attend. Everyone is encouraged to ask questions as well as provide feedback to others.

In order to get the most out of this membership, we must dedicate the time required to learn, implement, and assess. This minimum commitment ensures that applicants are dedicated to working on their business.

The group is located on Facebook, with a Discord server to be added if members would like.

I understand that product-based business owners have unique needs: you’re promoting your products but still need to build authortiy, you have individual descriptions AND marketing copy to write! We don’t do one-size-fits-all templates and blueprints here- just fundamentals that help all types of businesses to thrive.