Content-Land and Compendium Bundle




Never wonder what to write again.

Create a solid marketing plan that works for you, complete with three masterclasses on the types of social content you should be making for your business AND the Compendium with 50+ content prompts, go-to information, and three simple steps for instant implementation.

If you’ve ever:

  • Sat in front of a blank page trying to think of something to say
  • Wondered how to write content more strategically
  • Wanted to know the method behind the digital marketing madness
  • Wished for a one-stop go-to content guide you could refer to again and again

Then go through the looking glass and learn to write content that builds connection, trust, and strategic engagement so you can build a strong marketing strategy (without spending hours writing posts)!

These aren’t just plug ‘n play templates.

This is a nut-and-bolts guide with universally applicable principles, prompts, and a prologue that gives you simple steps to apply the techniques you learn.

Bonus Creative Words for Emotions and Content Planner included.

Plus, over the course of three masterclasses, you’ll adventure through Content-Land with CiCi, learning exactly what you need to know to write better content, connect with your people, and build a simple and actionable marketing strategy.

Masterclass I: The Queen of Hearts and Emotional Connection

Learn to cultivate and nurture an emotional connection with your audience

You have to show people who you are if you want them to buy from you

Relationships are built on connection. Good client relationships require strong foundations- and that starts with your content

Masterclass II: The Cheshire Cat of Trust and Authority

Position yourself as the go-to expert in your industry

Get speaking gigs, interviews, and appearances easily

Stop hiding in the shadows- show the world how good you are at what you do (paws and fur optional)

Masterclass III: The Mad Hatter of Engagement and Sales

Build strategic engagement and write sales posts that convert

Learn strategies to ensure more people see your posts– and offers

Change how you think about sales posts- learn how to write them well (and easily)


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