The Metamorphosis Program




The Metamorphosis Program is a 12 week program that will take you from blocked, daunted, and stuck to empowered, confident, and bold.

Fed up of crushing your creative side?

Do you want real, applicable techniques for dealing with trauma (none of that ‘choose joy’ bullshit)?

Sick of feeling guilty for enforcing boundaries- or don’t even know where to start making them?

Want to create a belief system that reflects who you really are, and build a self care future plan you can actually implement?


What is included with the program?

  1. Two group calls a month
  2. Access to all content, drip-fed across the modules
  3. Access to a private community for support from CiCi and participants


How are the 12 weeks structured?


Week 1: Notice your inner monologue.

Week 2: Feel your feelings (like actually feel them, not just think them).

Week 3: Examine your beliefs and worldview.



Week 4: Where do your beliefs come from?

Week 5: A deep (non-traumatising) deep dive into your past.

Week 6: Examining resentments, anger, and guilt we’re holding on to.



Week 7: Is what you believe really true?

Week 8: Finding gratitude in the moment.

Week 9: What are your new beliefs?



Week 10: What is in your wellness toolbox?

Week 11: Custom mantras and affirmations (no toxic positivity here)!

Week 12: Your self-care future plan


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