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CiCi is a published author, poet and business owner.

She published her first book Wasted: a f*cking genius poetry collection in 2020 and has been sharing her story publicly since 2012. She’s a recovering alcoholic with over 6 years of sobriety and a domestic abuse survivor. 

She’s appeared on several podcasts including One for the Road with David Wilson, and has been interviewed in Newsweek and Metro.

Topics she speaks on:

  • 💜Her experience with addiction
  • 💜Her story of escaping an abusive relationship where she nearly lost her life
  • 💜How she’s used writing as a tool to heal and helped others do the same
  • 💜The benefits of writing for mental and emotional wellbeing
  • 💜How she went from an active addict living in a small southern town in the USA to a successful business owner in the UK
  • 💜General writing tips for journaling, poetry, and more
  • 💜Her experience with Complex PTSD stemming from childhood abuse and the loss of her mother at a young age

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Short bio

CiCi is a recovering addict, domestic abuse survivor, and published author. She works with fellow survivors of addiction, abuse, and trauma to unearth their inner strength and heal through the power of writing. Her followers and members of her community refer to her as ‘inspiring,’ but her main goal is to simply share her story so that others know they aren’t alone.