Exhibition Information

I’m proud to announce my second exhibition with Artists in Recovery!

As you know, a few months ago AiR had a small exhibition at Tynemouth Metro Station. Now, we’re at Newcastle Cathedral until September 15th!

We’re also hosting a friends and family night on September 11th – check out the link here for more information!

My Work

I’m showing a selection of three of my poems. They are all written in various stages of addiction and recovery, and are arranged as such.

They also feature colour-themed collages surrounding the words in an effort to draw the eye and illustrate the emotions expressed in the writing.

I’ve been a member of Artists in Recovery since February. It’s always been a dream of mine to be able to share my work in a more visceral, physical way, and I’m honoured to be able to do so alongside so many incredibly talented people.

As the name suggests, we are all in recovery from some type of addiction. Some of us are painters, photographers, sculptors, poets, or create stained glass. Placed in the beautiful backdrop of the Newcastle Cathedral, the depth and beauty of these works truly shine.

Please come look at all of it, take photos, share, read, be moved.