Wrapped up
In your jacket,

It’s intoxicating,
Reminding me
Of our three weeks
Of bliss.

Wish you were here.

It’s heaven
And hell-


I drive,
Chasing the moon,
To feel closer to you,
Knowing it’s the same
In the sky
Over England.

If I close my eyes
You could almost be here,

Ever so softly,
That you love me.

I grew accustomed
To your presence-
Holding your hand,
And the joy I felt
In making you laugh.

Home is no longer
Where I lay my head.
It’s not the lake
I love so dearly
Or writing my mother’s name
In the sand
At the beach.

Is my head on your chest,
Wrapped up in you.
It’s the sound
Of your voice.

And walking away
In that godforsaken airport
Was agony.

There is a hole
In my heart now-
Having left myself behind
Screaming at me,
In my head,
Begging myself
To stay.

I see the world
Through new eyes,
What it means
To love and be loved.

To appreciate
The difference
Between belonging together,
And the sorry substitutes
Of the past.

I’m not afraid anymore.

You are nothing
Like a cage.

We are beautiful,
Harmonizing with the tides
Of the ocean
That separates us.

As unavoidable
And magnetic
As the gravity
That holds the earth together.
I am drawn to you.

By some invisible line
That could only tell
The truth.

To live without you
Means a certain death.
And until we meet again,
My love,
I wait.