The following is just a quick little poem dedicated to my partner, Si. I am reaping the benefits of his secret photography during our time apart.


He likes to take pictures.
He has one of those
Fancy cameras
With the lenses
You can take on and off.


He takes pictures
When people aren’t looking
All people,
Strangers and friends alike.
Rarely, they catch him,
And he looks away.


I take pictures
Of him taking pictures
All of it,
In secret.
I show him later
Or not at all,
Keeping the memories for myself,
Like the faces he makes
When he thinks no one’s watching.


He takes pictures
Of me, sometimes,
When I ask him to,
Like when we travel.
I used to hide from the lens
But now
I try to see myself
Through his eyes.


He makes albums
Of his pictures,
His people-watching excursions.
This last one
He took quite a few-
Gorgeous black and white portraits
Of people he’ll never see again.
Newcastle in grey-scale.


But he took pictures
Of me that day, too.
And all of mine
Were in color.


All photos courtesy of the talented Si Twining