An open letter to my husband’s mother, who was taken from us too soon.

You’ve never met me.
My name is cici,
And I’m marrying your son.

I want to say thank you.
You created
My perfect person,
My other half,
My missing piece.

It’s because of you
That he exists
And that he is the man
I know and love.

I see your kindness in him,
Your gentleness,
And giving nature.

I picture you
Only with the big smile
I’ve seen in your photos.

We are far away,
But I feel close to you.

I want you to know
The reverence I feel
For you and your family.
I’ve never been so accepted
And treated so wonderfully
In all my life.

Relationships are complicated
But ours is quite simple, really.
I am beyond grateful
For your impact
In all of our lives
And strive
To honor your memory.

Thank you
For your son,
Your love,
And your sacrifices.

You’ve played
Such a pivotal role in my life
and I never even had
To meet you.

Such is your legacy.

We love you,
And we are so happy.

And I just needed
To tell you that.