It makes it impossible to forget-
That one day
You have to address it.
There is no positive spin.

It’s making an effort-
Wearing her dress
And her emeralds
And washing your hair
In the middle of the week
[Although you never do that.]

It’s people who know
Saying they’re thinking of you
And facebook posts
And memories
And old photographs
And maybe tiramisu.

And probably tears.

It’s the day
The world ended
But also
Kept turning,
Which is still baffling.

The sun stayed put
And the earth kept spinning
But you can remember
The day it stood still.

But also it’s every day.

It’s every day
I see her picture,
Wear her ring-
Especially the days
I never say her name.

Is her name.
I miss you.


It’s been six years.