I miss her today.
Time flies by in a blur of noisy silence,
Deafening absence,
She is gone.

I’m too aware.

A toothbrush brings me to my knees,
A song, a minivan, a perfectly polished fingernail
Stabs me through the heart,
My very soul.

(December twenty-sixth, September fourteenth, May twenty-fourth.)

I see the world through bloodshot eyes,
It is rosy, and veined.
It bleeds like me.
It is ugly.

Smile through the tears, the smog
Hope for the strength to hope.
There’s no depth in happiness,
But I’d rather have peace
In this world with so little love.

Maybe she’s in a place filled with orchids
Surrounded by perfection so like herself,

Maybe she is whole again,
Having left me in pieces,
Torn. Distraught.

The agony of a slow death lasts forever.

Some things cannot be unseen.